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Specializing in custom theme parties/ seasonal /promotional/special events.
Custom Produced Party Themes including Christmas, 4th of July/Patriotic,
French, Italian, Brazilian, Latino, German/Octoberfest, Russian, Romanic/Valentine�s Day,
Big Band Swing, Broadway Showtunes, 50s, 60s, Motown/R&B, Retro Disco, Jazz, Oldies, e.t.c�.


Solo piano /guitar or both.

One-man band. Electronic Keyboards or Piano with interactive sequencer back-up. (danceable).

Duo with variety of instruments (Piano/guitar/keyboards/violin/flute/sax/vocal/etc)
(Can include strolling, danceable).

Trio-(Variety of instruments. Can include strolling, danceable)

4 piece (All styles / Can include strolling )

5 piece (All styles Can include strolling )

6 piece (All styles, can include continuous entertainment/no breaks, Can include strolling)

7 piece (All styles, can include continuous entertainment/no breaks, Can include strolling

8 piece (All styles, can include continuous entertainment/no breaks, Can include strolling)

Demo CDs available upon request.


SERGE STODOLNIK was born and raised in Moscow Russia, into a family of Musicians
(his father was a symphony conductor, his mother was an opera singer).
Serge began Studying music at the age of four.
Later, he studied for twelve years in the State Music School in Moscow.
After his graduation from school he attended Moscow State Conservatory for five years,
earning his Master's Degree in 1970. While studying in conservatory, Serge started his career as a
studio musician,arranger, composer for TV, movies e.t.c. in the State Recording Orchestra
and various orchestras in Moscow.Since his immigration in USA in 1977
Serge has provided entertainment for major Dallas area clubs and restaurants such as
Venetian Room and Pyramid Room in Fairmont Hotel, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Adolphus Hotel,
Loews Anatole Hotel, Prestonwood Country Club, Northwood Country Club,
Dallas Country Club etc. Serge has been a musician in residence at
Brook Hollow Country Club 1985-1995.
Extensive experience in performance and teaching on piano, guitar, bass, electronic keyboards.
Owns computer MIDI studio, equipped with more than 30 electronic keyboards,
MIDI modules, sequencers, FX processors, harmonizers, computers.
Extensive background in software applications related to music such as sequencing,
sound editing, notation, algorithmic composition, e.t.c.
Available as Piano Solo, Guitar Solo, One Man Band, Duos, Trios,
Bands up to 8 piece, strolling groups e.t.c..
CDs available upon request.

Partial List of clients:

Mr. Jerry Mrs. Sharon McCutchin , (Jerry McCutchin Drilling Co)
Mr. Carry M & Mrs. Ann Maguire, (Maguire Oil Corp)
Mr. Henry S Miller Jr. & Mrs. Juanita Miller, (Henry S. Miller Companies)
Mr. William P. Jr & Mrs. Rita Clements, (SEDCO drilling Co., Governor of Texas))
Mr. H Ross & Mrs Margot Perot, (Perot Systems Corporation)
Mrs. Nancy Brinker, (Brinker International, US Ambassador to Hungary)
Mr. T. Boone Pickens & Mrs. Beatrice C. Pickens, (Mesa Petroleum)
Mr. Lester M. (Les) Alberthal (Electronic Data Systems)
Mr.& Mrs. Olmstead (Olmstead-Kirk Paper Company)
TT/ET Engineering (Mr. Leo J. Galletta),
Mr. Norvell Slater (1310 AM Dallas),
Mr. George W & Mrs. Laura Bush (Governor Of Texas, US President)
Mr. George P & Mrs. Barbara Bush (US President)
Baroness Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister of Great Britain)
Mr. Dan Quail (US Vice-President)
Mr. Larry C. Hean Vocal Majority,
Mr. & Mrs. Pat McCall, (TIPRO Co.)
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Johnes (Dallas Cowboys),
Mr.. William E. & Mrs Linda Gibbons
Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Moore,
Mr.& Mrs. Claire McKinney,
Mr.& Mrs. McGee,
Mr. & Mrs. Barrett, ,
Mr.& Mrs. David L. Hobbs,

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