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Futurism (Star Treck, Next Generation)

Barocco J.S. Bach meets Henry Pursell

Gentle Breeze (Easy Bossa)

The Sun And The Wind (Jazz Samba)

Salute to Johnny Hodges

Just Another 12 Bar Blues

Salute To Liberace (White Taxido and Candelabra)

Corporate Logo1

Corporate Logo2

New Age Wallpaper (Let's Save The Ozon Layer)

Ragtime (Piano Solo)

Paradise Island Music

Salute To Eddie Van Halen (Give Them Hell, Eddie)

Dance of Yuppie Mutant Ninja Robots

Piano Trio, Straight Ahead Jazz

Swing, Baby, Swing...(Bigband)

Cool Jazz (Kenny G. Eat Your Heart Out!)

Old Country Waltz (Floyd Kramer Meets Chet Atkins)

One Note Funk

Salute To Chet Atkins

Jingle Bells (Rio DeJaneiro Version)

Green Sleeves

Take Five You Merry Gentlemen

Little Hip-Hop Drummer Boy

Salute to Chicago And Blood Sweat And Tears

Debussy "Afternoon Nap Of The Yoga Instructor"

Retro Disco For The 90's

Salute To George Benson "Keep On Breezin'"

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #6, (I think he wrote only 5, but who's counting)

Rachmaninoff Slow Movement

Breathe Easy (Country Meets New Age)

Silent Night (Guitar Solo)

Listen to songwriters demos of original songs produced by Serge Stodolnik.

Loved By You

Summer Nights

Gotta Keep a Good Man

All selections copyright by Serge Stodolnik.

Demo CDs available upon request.

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